My full name is Syed Sami-ul-Haq but I love to be called merely Sami. I have done my masters in English , Arabic and Islamiyat + B.Ed. I started teaching IELTS in 2003 . I have been helping IELTS students since long in the town and proudly say that I am the only trainer with more than one hundred thousand students in the town who passed IELTS and went to different parts of the world. It’s really a fact that not only students, but also professionals are unable to bring their desired bands in IELTS. It’s not the game of merely English, but its the game of English+ Perfect tips, tricks and techniques which can really enable you to meet your required bands in IELTS. I , of course , pledge that once you come and see my LIVE sessions of IELTS will make you think that you made a perfect decision to join SAMIIELTS. I especially invite those who failed in IELTS for a couple to times to bring 6 each and 7 each , to come and take my free 2 to 3 DEMO sessions and then decide. You can catch me on 0313 91 41 911 or write to or SAMI (IELTS Specialist with the most experience in the town)


SNOSZ Foundation

SNOSZ Foundation was founded in 2000 and has been helping not only the students but also all professionals in KPK who have been facing problems of passing IELTS. Since 2000, we have produced over 100000 students who have been graduated from SNOSZ Foundation and produced thousands of successful stories who , were at one stage , completely hopeless and lost the courage to pass IELTS , but SNOSZ Foundation helped them bring their desired bands. SNOSZ Foundation gives pledge that once join and see the difference.